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Nowadays, most bosses know that their employees are their company’s best asset. For without them, there would be no business and nobody to drive revenue. However, many of them hardly recognize the importance of creating a recreational space for their employees. At The Hub our thoughts are profoundly different in this regard. We know that a happy workforce is a more productive workforce. So, we’ve created a recreational space for our tenants. If you’re looking for renting office space, here are a few benefits of choosing one that includes recreational office space for your employees.

Why should you include a recreational office space in your set up?

  1. A recreational office space can ease stress.

When on the job, there are many things that can cause stress. Amongst them are tight deadlines, pressure from managers and even the occasional changes in employee roles and responsibilities. And in order to get through stressful times, your employees need to push themselves and have some patience. However, truth be told, it isn’t always easy to ignore stress especially at work. Yet, a recreational space with a few games or simply a kitchen area with some tables and chairs to have a soothing cup of tea with fellow colleagues could provide your employees with an inviting and welcoming area to relax for a few minutes.

  1. It can help make work more interesting & unlock creativity.

No matter if your employees work in an open-office set up or if they spend 40 hours a week in a cubicle, they’re ultimately bound to experience a moment or two which is mundane. This, of course, may dampen their moods and cause their creative spark to be extinguished. However, by creating a recreational space with a few games to boost creative thinking, you can help improve things during those dull moments.

  1. A recreational space can help better team-work & co-operation.

Many jobs nowadays involve working in teams rather than acting as a lone wolf. And although this is often a good thing, sometimes egos get high, people have conflicting views on an ongoing project, new employees enter the picture, in effect, changing company dynamics and unfortunately lack of co-operation sometimes occurs as a result. One of the most effective ways to manage employees and boost their confidence with each other is getting them to play games together and attend company events. If you have new employees, these have the potential to act as an ice-breaker between new and seasoned ones. It can also aid in easing tension amongst employees who have conflicting opinions. Thus, this will create the possibility to better team-work and increase co-operation.

  1. It can improve employee-boss relationship.

At work, many employees believe that work culture matters. Trust between them and their employees means the world. And just knowing that their employer isn’t just a boss, he/she is also a fun and interesting person who enjoys spending time with other members of staff in the same space they do can improve employee-boss relationship.

  1. It can encourage staff retention.

In today’s world, very often one does not spend a whole lifetime doing one job. On the contrary, many people are constantly switching jobs every few years. Yet, by going against a traditional office set-up and introducing a recreational office space, you can help encourage staff retention. Fact is people like to have fun whilst on the job, who would have known?

If you’re looking for a fun office space for your employees to work in, The Hub’s fully-serviced office caters for companies of all sizes. Contact us today!

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