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The demand for serviced office spaces was borne out of a very real business need – that of not having to deal with the offices’ upkeep and maintenance, thus allowing entrepreneurs to focus more on their core business.

These are the 5 most important features to consider when deciding on which serviced office will help do that best.


1. Convenient and Reachable Setting

a. The location of your chosen serviced office is one of the foundations in cultivating the perfect work environment.  Your office space should be somewhere in which:

b. Noises from surrounding buildings/ roads /construction are not loud

c. Bus stops are near and buses frequent regularly (for the ease of your staff)

d. Accessible Parking is available

e. Reasonably close to areas that can fulfill social/ personal needs as to promote work-life balance

f. The Hub Workspace keeps all this in mind, and this is why it is just 5 minutes away from some of the most popular and exciting areas of Malta, such as St.Julians and Sliema. These locations offer access to beaches, shops, restaurants, and even nightlife. Fortunately, we also happen to be in a residential area, making parking convenient, bus stops close by and noise levels low.


2. ALL Inclusive Charges (No hidden/extra fees)

When scouting for a serviced office, pricing is of extreme importance. It’s imperative that there is utmost transparency on what your rent is truly covering. Some serviced offices may only include the cost of the actual office in your pricing, whilst internet, electricity, cleaning fees, and other maintenance charges may be left for you to cover.

What tends to be more desirable are serviced office spaces that include these facilities in their prices with no extra fees. This saves the company time and hassle, which is the prime reason for utilising serviced offices in the first place.

The Hub Workspace accounts for all these costs in its transparent pricing, decreasing risk and time spent in administration work for your company.

3. Adaptable and Accessible Environment/ Hours

How versatile is the office space you’re considering to rent? Can you move around furniture? Can you request more or less? Can you access your office space at any time during the day or night? Are there any restrictions during public holidays or weekends?

Here at The Hub Workspace, your office space comes with 24/7 access at all times. Offices are also pretty much customisable to what fits your needs. We are always ready to supply more furniture, store away pieces you don’t use, and allow you to reposition accordingly. This allows your company the freedom to work as efficiently as possible on your own terms without having to work around time and layout requirements.

4. Premium Quality in Services and Utilities

Your chosen serviced office may claim to provide certain utilities/facilities, however, are they meeting the standard you expect and are paying for? Can you rely on them working smoothly every time you “walk in” to your serviced office?

Services that should be noted are:

  • Quality Internet Connectivity
  • Quality Seating + Lighting
  • Quality AC
  • Necessary programming in place for easy booking of meeting rooms (Tenants at The Hub receive a discount as well)
  • Cleaned and Maintained Offices + shared spaces
  • Cleaned and Maintained Toilets

And what about redundancy arrangements?

At The Hub Workspace a generator and a redundant internet connection ensure continued connectivity and productivity. During a power cut or an internet disconnection, we would still be able to supply a fully running office space. We can guarantee all these services to be available to the highest degree ensuring that our customers have the easiest and most straightforward office experience.

5. Trustworthy and Dependable Customer Support

Another priority when searching for the best-serviced offices should be the ability for a reliable and dependable line of contact between you and your landlords.

An example of this can be seen in the front-of-house reception. How long does this office supply reception for? Are they welcoming and responsive? Would you be able to trust them to take care of greeting possible colleagues/ clients?

Another element of this line of contact is the accessibility to customer support. If you have questions or needs, how easy is it to communicate them?

At The Hub Workspace, we have manned reception available from 8 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday and are very easily available via email.

If you’re looking for a high-quality office space for your employees to work in, The Hub Workspaces’ fully-serviced offices cater to businesses, sole traders, and companies of all sizes.

Contact us today!

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