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Let’s face it, not all of us in the working world are the most organized people out there. In fact, many of us all end up with a cluttered desk that’s stacked with papers, littered with paper clips, pens, markers and other stationary that we’d typically use throughout our day. Although this might seem relatively harmless, here at The Hub Workspace we know through the experience of renting out offices to many different tenants, that a messy desk could have dire consequences on our rate of productivity and level of creativity. So, why not get more organized? Check out our office must-haves to declutter your desk below!

Marble Journal

The worst thing about writing on random papers is putting them in files to keep them organized. But with this stylish marble journal, you simply can’t go wrong. It’s both very 2017 and functional. What more do you want out of a diary.

Carved Skate Dock 

This recycled docking station, which is made out of old skateboards, will certainly add some colour and pizzazz to your desk. But be warned it might also possibly trigger some jealousy amongst your workmates too! It can be used with any iPhone and has a slot which fits enables your charger’s wire as well as headphones to be plugged in very easily. To top it off, there’s also space for a speaker and the docks design helps boost its sound between 5 to 10 decibels.

BlueLounge Cable Bin

There’s absolutely nothing that taints a workspace like a mess of cords and cables. Luckily, BlueLounge’s cable bin is able to keep all your wires out of sight.


Livework Memo Organizer

Lacking desk space? Well, instead of cluttering your desk with loads of papers and sticky notes, you should simply buy a memo planner which will fit nicely in front of your keyboard. Livework’s Memo Organizer is simple and sweet leaving no doubt that it will help you keep your memos right in sight but super organized.



iStick Multifunctional desk organizer

If you’re looking for something that will definitely save you loads of desk space, we’ve saved the best for last. The iStick Multifunctional Desktop Organizer is definitely a must have item! Apart from having place for paper clips, sticky notes, pens and other stationary, this cool gadget also functions as a coffee holder and mobile phone stand.


Looking for an office to rent in Malta? If so, contact us at The Hub. We’ve got the perfect short let/ long let solutions for you! No matter what your company’s needs are we’ve got you covered.

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