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Finding a new job can prove to be a nerve racking experience in itself. And once you’ve finally found your ideal job, you’ll most definitely want to keep your new source of income. Yet, working 9 to 5 can be tough and you’ll most likely find yourself succumbing to bad habits once you’ve settled in – believe us we’ve seen it happen too many times at The Hub. However, we believe that by being aware of habits that are frowned upon at the workplace, you can better your chances of keeping your job. Have a look at a few bad habits that can cost you your job and how you can avoid them to keep your job secure.

  1. Lying

When on the job, it’s important to remember that your employers value transparency above everything. So, don’t stand there and claim something is true whilst having your fingers crossed behind your back. Your employer will eventually find out you’ve lied. The bottom line here is you should never resort to lying about your billable hours, cheating on timesheets or abusing company benefits, unless of course you want to get the boot.

  1.  Procrastination

Leaving important tasks to the last minute to complete typically results in inefficiency. And although this may sometimes go unnoticed, over time it will leave your employer fuming at the ears as a result. Provided that this is your bad habit, try pinpointing activities that might be leading to such behaviour. If constantly checking your social media accounts, having frequent cigarette breaks or taking short breaks in the kitchen appears to be the root of your problem, try to cut down on the habits and prioritize your work better.

  1.  Negativity

Perhaps we’re all guilty of being negative at one point or another whilst on the job especially in cases where our tasks are long and monotonous. Yet, complaining about it habitually isn’t going to get you anywhere. For that matter neither will rolling your eyes or throwing temper tantrums. Try to combat negativity by injecting a bit of positivity into your day. If your boss allows it, listen to your favourite tracks to pass the time whilst working. Pack something tasty to eat during your lunch break. Or plan an activity you look forward to after work to unwind.

  1. Tardiness

Explaining why you’ve walked in late to your superiors will usually lead to the road of forgiveness. But constantly arriving late for work or taking long breaks day after day will demonstrate a lack of enthusiasm and carelessness which he/she ultimately won’t admire. If tardiness appears to be a constant problem in your daily life, try to adjust your routine. Try showering in the evening rather than in the morning, eating earlier and going to bed before the clock’s hands strike midnight.

  1. Poor e-mail communication

Completely ignoring emails or responding in a vague way can lead to tremendous misunderstandings which none of your colleagues will appreciate. Sure, you might have a lot of things to do, but certain tasks which may be dependent on your input, even in a minor way, need attending to too. Avoid confusion by making an effort to answer emails immediately. In doing so, always remember to be straight-to-the-point.

  1.  Lone Wolf Syndrome

Ok, so you might be great at working independently. But nowadays most jobs require teamwork. Try not to be the lone wolf at work and always remember that there are others who need your input, if you work in a team. Provided that you’re the newbie at work, getting to know the rest of your team at work events or even outside work can help strengthen your bond with them making it easier to consult with them.

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