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The new millennium has brought about a profound change in the modern work environment. Indeed, gone are the days when an office was seen as just a space to carry out work related tasks as employers are now choosing to merge living space and the working environment into one; effectively increasing productivity in the process. The modern work environment features an open workspace, adult toys and a communal living space. If your company’s always had a traditional approach to utilising office space, you might be wondering both why and how to improve it. Well, let us help you with that! Read our guidelines below in order to aid you with the process.

Consider functionality & access to your employees – would an open plan office suit your needs better?

If you’ve spent most of your working days sitting at a desk whilst being enclosed by white walls on either direction you choose to turn, you’re definitely well-aware of the fact that most old-school offices typically feature individual rooms or cubicles for employees to work in. Needless to say, the majority all come with desks, shelves and your very own personal throne for your 9-5 working day; an office chair. Yet, as the years have rolled by and dozens of ‘tech’ startups have come into existence, many of them have opted to move away from the traditional and more towards the contemporary.

Nowadays, new age companies are often looking to build a community within the workplace, so it’s quite common to find open offices where both employees as well as their managing director work cohesively. These type of offices encourage collaboration and creativity amongst employees. Moreover, it also offers better transparency between employees and their employers when it comes down to performance whilst in the job. However, sometimes employees argue that open offices do not accommodate privacy at the workplace. So, in deciding whether an open office is best for your workplace, you should always evaluate whether it would be functional to have such an office layout. Yet, don’t undermine your employees’s privacy at work. If you do decide to go forth with your plan for an open office layout, do provide meeting rooms in order for your employees to be able to work in private when the need arises.

Striking a necessary balance is key – Desks & Office toys can complement each other

Many modern companies have invested their money in adult toys such as foosball tables, Playstations and even the odd ping pong table. However, whilst a little bit of fun goes a long way, no company can afford to overdo it. The bottom line here is this – Yes, you can provide recreational outlets for your employees to enjoy and perhaps even blow off some steam, but it’s always wise to allot time to when these devices can be used. Otherwise why have desks, chairs and computers?

If you’re looking to rent offices in Malta which strike a balance, The Hub is an excellent place to start! We’ve got 40 modern offices to suit your company’s needs. Each office is fully equipped with the necessary amenities and is even manned by a receipt ironist.  Get in touch today.

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