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In recent years, many new age companies located all over the globe have started to incorporate office toys in their setup. Amongst the lot, one can usually find small trinkets, foosball tables, PlayStations, poker tables amongst others. Yet, the inclusion of these adult toys has sparked off many a debate amongst employers. Whether you rent out office space, work from home or own an office, have a look at our list of reasons why you should get some toys to lighten things up.

  1. Office Toys Can Help Create a Fun Environment

As the saying goes, ‘All work no play makes Jack a dull boy’. And rightly so, we believe that this saying completely reflects the fact that everybody needs a bit of fun once in a while to keep them happy. Well, investing in office toys can be your answer to presenting your employees with a few minutes of fun each day.

But if you’re worried about your employees being distracted, this can be easily combatted by setting time limits as to when to use whatever office toys your company has invested in. By limiting their use to break time or afternoons, you’ll be able to set boundaries and keep your employees happy. This will in turn, help reduce their productivity in the long run.

  1. Office Toys Can Help Reduce Stress

In a world where technology has been incorporated into our daily working lives so much, most employees find themselves performing the majority of their tasks at a computer. And as you might already know looking at a computer screen for hours on end may lead to dry eyes, headaches and tremendous stress. By having office toys available and convincing your employees to take a few short breaks, your employees will be able to alleviate their stress and will enable them to be more productive as a result.

  1. Using Office Toys Can Help Spark Creativity

Investing in office toys which help release stress is great. But you can do better by purchasing items which help spark creativity and boost your employees’s intellect. Small trinkets like Rubik’s cubes and puzzles can help your employees better their problem solving skills. Yet, if you’re keener on sticking to a Playstation, make sure to select games which can help your employees to think strategically.

Include Office Toys in Your Company’s Setup

So, do you need to ditch the idea of having office toys? We don’t think so. However, bear in mind that having a functional office layout is of primary importance and office toys should take second place on your shelf of priorities.

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